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I've written some plain HTML in an Article for an enquiry form. i do not want to use the builtin Joomla form as I would need a lot of customised styling etc down the track.

How would I manage the submitting of the form and then sending of an email once I click the submit button? Please help, I'm a complete newbie to Joomla and PHP but quite confident with custom scripting.

Here is the page that I am trying to fix
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I would recommend to use FacileForms, a free component for Joomla which can be used to do either simple forms with saving in a database and emailing without any programming in a simple "click and run" way or doing complex programming with scripts and PHP scripting.
Look here:

Why? It's better and more safe than trying to code that in pure HTML and trying to insert it into a Joomla site because you can open Joomla for hackers if you don't know exactly what you do. Components like FacileForms will do the most of the job for you and moreover it can be used to create (simple or complex, depending on your knowledge) spam filters.


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