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PERC 6/i Integrated Controller Battery Warning

The battery that saves the PERC6 RAID5 configuration went bad on a Dell PowerEdge server and there was no way to rebuild the RAID configuration after replacing the battery. There is a way but the procedures Dell sent didn't work. This meant we had to completely rebuild the RAID configuration and restore data which was very time consuming.

I'm looking at the event logs on another server and see the following error message:
Source: Server Administrator
Category: Storage Service
Event ID: 2335
Description: Controller event log: Current capacity of the battery is below threshold: Controller 0 (PERC 6/i Integrated).

Should I be alarmed with the above warning? I do not want to rebuild the server if the above indicates battery problems assuming it loses the RAID5 configuration. If the warning is indicating problems can anyone point me to the direction I should be taking to troubleshoot this?

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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
The battery (as far as I am aware) on a RAID controller only provide Write Cache backup.  RAID configuration is stored on a special section on the HDD's so losing the battery should not have resulted in the loss of the RAID configuration.
You can rip out the controller and replace it directly with an identical make / model and still have the RAID configuration left intact.
Did you talk to Dell to explain why the RAID configuration was lost?
Regarding your other server errors, again, then same issue should not affect the RAID config, but then Dell would be best placed to answer this categorically.
Either way, I am completely astounded that losing the battery caused your loss of RAID config.
Batteries are only good for a few years.  Buy a replacement, wait for a downtime window, and replace it.
As for metadata getting lost due to a battery failure .... they lied.

The battery in a PERC6 is NOT used to save config information. That data is saved in both NVRAM in the controller as well as reserved area in each disk drive.

I would personally scream bloody murder to somebody at dell support, go up the chain of command and talk to somebody higher up, they absolutely positively gave you bad info.
The message that you are seeing is normal, expecially if you see this message shortly after restarting the server. On reboot or bootup, the Perc controller always tops up the raid battery, the process can last 1-2 mins. If you look in server administrator you will see that the battery is charging during this and a few mins latter the notification goes away.
The Raid batteries last for years and years, there is no reason to replace it unless it fails.
What exactly did Dell tell you to do?
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For Dell Perc controller, you should be able to recondition your controller battery with Dell Open Manage Array Manager.  Expand the Physical Array category and right-click the PERC to display the associated menu. Menu options, which may include Battery Reconditioning and Pause I/O, depend on the controller selected.

That message is normal, especially after reboots. It's nothing to be concerned about. If it reappears time and time again, you should download OpenManage Server Administrator, go under System > Log, and clear the log. Then go under Storage > Perc6/i and make sure the battery shows fully charged. If it does, excellent. If not, give it some time to charge. If you've given it time to charge but it still doesn't, seek a warranty replacement.
itconsultant7717Author Commented:
I'm going to award points to Charlestasse because he was the first one to mention that its normal after a restart. It turns out every time there was this error message in the logs the server restarted. Doesn't happen often so it was obvious to link to server restarts.

Thanks for everyone's response. I beleive too I was more alarmed because the previous experience I had with Dell.

Thanks for all the info.

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