Job History - logged directly to SQL server?

Can Backup Exec 10 be configured to log job history directly to a SQL server?

Where is the data stored?

I want to be able to display 'Job History' on an internal IT Support intranet.

This means the web server needs to be able to access the logs files from each of the Bacup Exec servers.

Any ideas on how to achieve this appreciated.

Ideally it would be good if Backup Exec could update a sql database directly.

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honmapogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no functionality in Backup Exec to log directly into a SQL database.
However the job logs can be found as XML files in the Data subdirectory of the Backup Exec installation folder. (program files\veritas\nt\backup exec\data). They are the BEX_xxxxxx.xml files.
You could import the XML files in a SQL 2005 database.
Alternatively, in BE11 there is an display.xsl file that allows you to transform the xml in html. I suppose that display.xsl file is available in Backup Exec 10 as well. That may allow you to show the HTML on the intranet directly from the XML file.
ajosephsonAuthor Commented:
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