PHP web application suddenly only accessible on https

I am using a PHP web application called A2Billing, which interfaces with Asterisk, and queries a MySql DB.

I am using Centos and Apache web server.

All of a sudden the site stopped responding on http, and will only pull up on https.  This happens if I try to access it locally on the same machine, or from other machines.

I was messing with chmod 777 on one of the folders in the directory, and chown apache:apache around the time it started happening.  All permissions are as they should be now though.  It worked fine originally on http.

So I would like to know what is causing this, and how I can actually turn this feature on and off because there may be times when I want to access it via https.


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jkocklerAuthor Commented:
Awesome thanks!  Very helpful article.

I forgot that I changed the listen port to 85, which I rediscovered the httpd.conf ... drrrr

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