Pink screen on Panasonic TH-46PZ850U plasma display

I am the owner of a fourteen month old Panasonic TH-46PZ850U. Unfortuantely, the picture now looks like one is looking through pink glasses. This problem started recently at power on and would go away after an hour or so. That behavior lasted for a few days and now the problem does not go away. However, the image at the very top 10% or so of the screen almost looks normal. Has anyone seen this issue before? I do have a photo of the image if anyone is interested.

I thought that it might be a bad cap or solder joint on the power supply board so I swapped it out and that did not make a difference.

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rprenoveConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The problem was resolved by dis-connecting and re-connecting mutiple connectors on the video processing booard.
Unfortunately, those symptoms are common with problems with either the logic board or the panel itself.
This is common if the display card is loose. So try to pull it out and set it again firmly.
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I 've got a better experience in LCD but perhaps it's the same : when it's pink it's due to the ccfl : cold cathode lighting the screen is failing. a bit hard to change yourself but nothing is impossible.
rprenoveAuthor Commented:
Which board are you referring to when you say "display board".  It appears that there is a board on each side of the panel that is driving the display.
No, it is inside the box. Outside is screen only. If you are not familiar with it better to approach to local hardware technician to tighten the loose board.
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