setup pptp server on windows 2003 server

Can you someone tell me what is the best way to setup pptp server on windows 2003 server. Should i use a range of ip address to when when connected or should i let the dhcp assign a ip address. Please note that I have a dhcp server on a different windows 2003 server.

I have been having weird problem with my pptp server over the weekend: when i do ipconfig it does not show gateway ip address but when i go into the TCP/IP config of the nic card it is in there. I reboot the server and the gateway appears within ipconfig.  i do not know if this problem with occurs again but when it does it caused a lot problem to the applications.

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farazhkhanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Make sure you are following correct configuration by looking into this guide:

Also it depends simply upon you how you would like to assign IP to VPN clients, I would recommend you to go ahead with manually assigning them range of IP.

Faraz H. Khan
officertangoAuthor Commented:
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