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Better signal on wireless router

I have a standard 3CRWER100-75 3com router where there is some problems with the signal in soom rooms.

Would it help if I replace the current antennas with two 5db Antennas ? -
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Specify the problems plz!
rossonerisAuthor Commented:
The problem is that the current wireless router the signal is very weak in one end of the house. With better antennas, as I wrote, would that help ?
Jackie ManCommented:
How large is the house? Many rooms? Wood or concrete wall partition?

There is limitation on performance of 802.11g as the signal will be absorbed by the wall partition.

Replacing antennas will help but not that much. Please have a look of the URL below.

URL: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Hardware/Networking_Hardware/Wireless/Access_Points/Range_Extenders/Q_25003182.html
Use a repeater as the high DB antennas are harmful.
Wifi operates on microwave frequencies.  It is subject to a lot of absorbtion and reflection from various objects including walls and any kind of metal.  With this in mind, you should try moving the routers position around. Try going higher or lower and in other places in the room. Same thing on the recieving end.  The higher gain antenna's will help but even at 5 db its not a whole lot.  If you like DIY projects there are other possibilities and you can even find beam antennas to purchase.  A repeater is also a good alternative as mentioned by jackieman, but it will slow your communication down due to the delay of being 'repeated'.  Another alternative would be to have the router moved to a center location in the house but would require the dsl/cable connection to move with it.
One last alternative would be to go to wireless N.  True N routers have multiple radios and antennas (not N 150) and use different frequencies simulaniously and should always have better range. But then again, if your laptop is not N capable, this would not help unless you bought an external N adapter or internal card.
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