Moving from a Virtual server 2005 to a new server


I was trying to move four virtual servers from one server to another, i have copied the virtual servers .vmc and .vhd files and have added them into the new Virtual Server. The computers i moved them between have different specifications but both use w2k3 as OS.

But when i try to start them nothing happens, i probably missed some important steps but haven't been able to find any good guide. But this is what i've done this far.

1. Turned off the Virtual servers and copied the vmc and vhd files for each server.
2. Added them to the new computer's Virtual server 2005 administration.
3. Configured the setting so they wont be using more RAM then the computer actually has, as the new server ain't as good as the old one.
4. Added search path to the folders where the virtual servers files are.

Though i read that to do this the server must have the exact same path to the .vhd files to work after being added into the new server, is this correct? And if it is, can this be changed somehow?

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