Looking for reliable list of phishing sites

I know Phishtank but it has too many real sites in its database.
Amy alternative?
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>>  Looking for reliable list of phishing sites
GOOD NEWS!   I JUST CAME ACROSS THIS !!!     Sophos PhishAlert Service  

Sophos PhishAlert Service   http://www.sophos.com/products/enterprise/alert-services/phishalert.html
Sophos PhishAlert" Service provides fast, near real-time alerts of phishing campaigns, so you can take steps to shut down the imitation website and protect your customers.

How PhishAlert works
Sophos PhishAlert Service provides security for primary targets of phishing attacks. It is based on an extensive network of spam traps and expert analysis from SophosLabs". This service also protects against identity theft by providing information on hosts of phishing sites.

Organizations receive two types of email from Sophos:
ongoing alerts that provide rapid notification of new attacks
periodic reports that summarize overall phishing activity

Interested in PhishAlert?
We are phasing the rollout of the Sophos PhishAlert Service. This service, which we host and manage, is currently available only in North America and Australia.


Webroot SpySweeper has a BROWSER SHIELD that intercepts the sites like PHISHING with a WARNING for the SITE before you proceed

They update this list daily, don't know if they will share it with you or not, but you can ask if there is a location where you can view it...  Sites are Added to the Net Daily, so there must be some LAG in what Webroot has identified and reality...
u can try webroot internet security , G-data internet security,kaspersky or e-set smart security.these will surely intercepts the phishing site alert before u proceed.Thanks kart4578
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