Outlook 2007 Global Address List not available while connected with Exchange 2007 via RPC


Users are connected via RPC to the EX2007 and mail is working perfect. When they want to open the Global Address List there is an error "Outlook needs to be connected in online modus".

When users are connected in the LAN everything is working perfect.

Any idea, where to start with resolving this problem?
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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
do you have an autodiscover A record configured in your External DNS?
If not then you need one and this is why it's not working.

The autodiscover.domainname.com should point to the same IP address as your OWA record does.
do you mean to say outlook in cached mode. If so then you have to configure offline address book and download it on your outlook client  so that global address list will be available to you even when clients are offline.
oidualc61Author Commented:

yes the clients are in cached mode, and when I try to download the address list the following error occurs:

Fehler (0x8004010F) beim Ausführen der Aufgabe "Microsoft Exchange": "Fehler beim Vorgang. Ein Objekt kann nicht gefunden werden."

It's in German ;-)
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Glen KnightCommented:
This is because you don't have autodiscover configured correctly.
oidualc61Author Commented:

Any suggestion where I can find the informations to configure autodiscovery in the correct way?

oidualc61Author Commented:

I have not seen your comment on autodiscovery above, I will check the autodiscovery on the external DNS.
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