NTFS, Share Folder and File permissions

I'm trying to work out the best file permission settings for the following scenario

I have a folder several levels down which i need to put certain permissions on... - NTFS permission are set to modify as everyone needs access to the folder and to be able to create folders and files within.. this main folder. modify permission are inherited.

they have now asked that anything created within this folder can only be deleted by that person who created it and no one else whilst preserving all other permissions.

can anyone advise which permissions I will need to set to allow/deny to make sure the above criteria is met?


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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
Correct jonathen, the thing to remember with Share and NTFS permissions is that they work together, the most restrictive setting is the one that is used... so I've found it best to set share permissions to Everyone Full Control and then use NTFS permissions for the actual ACL's.
Jon WinterburnCommented:
If the Modify permission is inherited, then whoever has that Modify permission will be able to Delete the files/folders. Therefore it is not possible for you to change the permissions for the Creator/Owner and still leave the other permissions intact because you'd have to remove the inherited permissions of Modify for other users, else they will be inherited. Does that make sense?

Alternatively you could add Everyone to the folders in question (leaving the inherited Modify intact) and then set Deny for Everyone, add the Creator Owner and set Allowed for that. That should work.

See the File and folder special permissions grid here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308419
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