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Slow Disk Server 2003


1 of my clients Domains controller (server 2003) has be acting strangly it is a HP ML370 GS running on a P400 raid controller Mirrored. The problem is that if I try and save  data to the server from any client PC is takes ages example 10 meg file 6 mins, where as if I save the same file to another server it is instant. the network is cat 6. I have copied files internally on the domain controller from differant partionions and this is fine.

This has only been happening for about 1 week and there is not error in event viewer or the raid controller.

Any help would be appricated
1 Solution
Well, if you copy the files internally and speed is OK, then obviously issue is network-related.   MTU size, speed, full duplex, cabling problem .. check that stuff out.
NICs DO die sometimes, try different port.   Do you have an intelligent switch, maybe it is logging errors?
coreccAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments, we restarted all the switches, seems to of fixed the issue.
Copying the files "inside" the server is not a great test: some conditions are different when copyiong from or to "outside" the server: for instance virus scanners might treat traffic different when coming from another networklocation. And offcourse the network itself could be the problem as you suggested above: switches, routers, firewalls,... they can all have their issues and preventing you from getting decent performance.

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