How to insert > 4000 char to clob in oracle

I am trying to insert a row of a string of more than 4000 characters in
clob datatype field using java program and it gives the following error
ORA-01704: string literal too long. I knew the solution is to use storedprocedure to insert the data. With this way, i need to make a lot of changes in the program. So, would like to check can i declare the field size for clob something like DB2?
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CEHJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use PreparedStatement.setCharacterStream
can you provide java part of your code doing the insert..
chinswAuthor Commented:
I just do the normal insert as below:

 db.addBatchSql( "Insert into MM002 (P9_MM002_EREC_KEY, F9_MM002_CRE_TMS, FX_MM002_RCV_MSG_VER, FX_MM002_RCV_MSG_ID,FX_MM002_MERCHEQ_XML) " +
 "values ("+recKey+", "+recvTimeStamp+", '"+xmlvalidator.getVersion()+"', '"+xmlvalidator.getMsgId()+"', '"+xmlMsg+"')" );

FX_MM002_MERCHEQ_XML is a clob field in oracle and xmlMsg is String data type in Java
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chinswAuthor Commented:
I can't use the oracle.jdbc because i need to make my application generic to support different database platform (oracle/db2). Any way to solve this problem?
Please make sure that you data type is CLOB because 4000 characters is a limit size of VARCHAR2
Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
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