Update all records in one column with data from the first record in another table

I am  looking to update all the rows of one column in a table with the value in a the first row in a seperate table.
I have tried
UPDATE       InputGlobalFeed
SET                IGFMerchantName = AWHeader.AWMerchantName
FROM            AWHeader CROSS JOIN

But this updates IGFMerchantName from  InputGlobalFeed with various record from AWHeader and not just AWMerchantName.
Many thanks
Simon CrippsOwnerAsked:
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Try this query

UPDATE InputGlobalFeed
SET IGFMerchantName = (SELECT TOP 1 AWMerchantName FROM AWHeader)
try this
SET T1.IGFMerchantName = T2.AWMerchantName
FROM InputGlobalFeed T1,
	(SELECT TOP 1 AWMerchantName FROM AWHeader) T2

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Simon CrippsOwnerAuthor Commented:
many thanks Sunithnair, thought it was something like this but just could not nail it. Cheers
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