How to execute this puppetrun command


i am little bit of confused about how to run this puppertun command

i read in googly, and puppet help page. but still confused

so if any body used puppet before, please help me with this

I want to forcefully update client after changing file in puppet server.

so command is puppetrun..

sudo puppetrun -p 10 --host host1 --host host2 -t remotefile -t webserver

i need to use this on  my purpose

so i did

puppetrun -p 10 --hose

but it does not execute anything

so whats the right prefix for this ??


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Have a look at this. I think you need to setup  /etc/puppet/namespaceauth.conf on the client. also have a look at the man page for puppetrun.

I think you need the following on the client.
           allow puppetmaster.

You also need to start puppetd on the client with --listen
Instead of using puppetrun I use the "puppetd --test" command for what you want to accomplish.  The test parameter is a little misleading, but is basically a combination of 2 or 3 other parameters that will do a one time configuration run on that client.
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