How do I install HP Photosmart Plus All-in-One Printer - B209a on Windows 2000 Professional?

I am using Windows 2000 Professional. My daughter gave me the HP Photosmart Plus All-in-One Printer for Christmas and I cannot get it installed. My OS is immediately rejected during automatic install. Is it possible to install this printer manually and how would I go about doing that? I would like all of the features to work, but I am mostly only concerned with being able to print.

My PC meets all system requirements with the exception of the OS. I do not want to upgrade, and I am frustrated by the fact that Windows 2000 is not supported (I realize it is an old OS, but I still want to keep it. I really cannot afford an upgrade right now.)

Any help or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
it's not supported dear,
Compatible operating systems
 Windows Vista (R) (32 and 64-bit); Windows XP (SP1 or higher [32-bit]); Mac OS X v10.4, v10.5

It could also be related to MSI...MS  installer version, windows 2000 is now totally obsolete and no new updates for the windows installer is available.
You may need a newer version to install software
The Windows Installer (previously known as Microsoft Installer[1]) is an engine for the installation, maintenance, and removal of software on modern Microsoft Windows systems.
You'll see this more often if you keep windows 2000 sign of the times sorry to say.
John KratzerCommented:
Some of the newer HP printers will not support 2000.  You can go to HP's web site and download and install the print only driver.
repowellAuthor Commented:
I searched the HP website earlier and could not locate any print-only drivers. What would I need to search for?
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Jason WatkinsConnect With a Mentor IT Project LeaderCommented:

I would try installing the Basic XP drivers, and see if that works.  Else, I would go to Windows XP or Windows 7.
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to the HP website and start an online chat with them. They may be able to tell you which alternative printer driver you can use with that printer. You can probably use one of the standard HP Deskjet printer drivers that is included in Windows, but I don't know which one, and HP should know...
repowellAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the assistance!
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