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Add a reference to a Word Document Project

I have created a Word Document Project that creates a word document based on the content of some tables.  All I need to do is set an ID number via a property or constructor before the docuement loads.
This works fine but I want to be able to call this document from my main application.  I have tried creating a refence to the the project but cannot access any constructors or properties.

Kevin Robinson
Kevin Robinson
1 Solution
Meir RivkinFull stack Software EngineerCommented:
can u post the code u already implemented just to get an idea?
Kevin RobinsonPrivate VB.NET ContractorAuthor Commented:
Basically I have two projects.   One is the Word Document VSTO project the other is a Windows forms project.  I need to be able to open up the word document from the windows form project by passing a parameter in the same way I would another refereneced project.  

The problem is that first of all you cannot create a project reference to a word project and if you create a file reference to the word docuement you cannot get access to the constructors or any paramters.  So I have do way as yet to pass a parameter from one to another.

I dont think I really need to post any code as it would only confuse things.  
Miguel OzSoftware EngineerCommented:
I do not think you can call your WORD VSTO project from a win form.
The reason is that VSTO solutions are designed to be hosted by an Office application (in this case Word)

If you really need this functionality I will suggest to build a library dll will all your business rules and Word interaction so that they are used for both your VSTO project and your Win form class. Remember that VSTO is a smart wrapper of the Office PIA.

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