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Mysql - query where ALL search criterias has to be found in second table


I im building a php/mysql based property search.

Tabel one (t1) contains all fields with just one value (title, address etc.). Table two (t2) keeps multiple records for each t1.id.

Table 2 structure:

id    t1.id    ext.id

In the searchform there are checkboxes for all possible ext.ids and I need to only return results where ALL checked values (ext.ids) is found in t2.


Checkboxes checked:

Power (ext.id = 2)
Cabel TV (ext.id = 5)
Garage (ext.id = 6)
Garden (ext.id = 10)

Now I need to pick up the records in t1 where all these ext.ids are found in t2.

Any suggestions on how to build a mysql query for this?

Thanks in advance!
1 Solution
as I understand you are looking for a query like this
FROM Table_1 T1
	INNER JOIN Table_2 T2 ON T1.id = T2.id AND T2.ext.id = 2
	INNER JOIN Table_2 T3 ON T1.id = T3.id AND T2.id = T3.id AND T3.ext.id = 5
	INNER JOIN Table_2 T4 ON T1.id = T4.id AND T2.id = T4.id AND T4.ext.id = 6
	INNER JOIN Table_2 T5 ON T1.id = T5.id AND T2.id = T5.id AND T5.ext.id = 10

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bgpro_noAuthor Commented:
Thanks - worked perfectly!
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