How about this case of VMWare (64bit guest/32bit OS/ 64bit CPU) ?

I install 64 bit Guest (Redhat 64bit) on WindowServer-2003-32bit Host, on Xeon CPU (->64bit Server)

My Guest run well!

So I wonder, It's normal?

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Paul SolovyovskyConnect With a Mentor Senior IT AdvisorCommented:
That's correct, because of Wnidows 2003 x32 you cannot use more than a total of 4GB of RAM  for both the host OS (windows 2003) and guest (x64 redhat).

If you install Windows 2008 x64 you will have access to memory for your host and guest.  If the system supports it you can also install VMWare ESXi and run both the Windows 2003 and RH.
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
It's normal.  If the your host has Intel VT on the Intel CPU or AMD-V on an AMD CPU that you can do this.  Your only limitation is 4GB RAM on the host since it's Windows 2003 x32 (unless you're running enterprise)
bxglxbxglx2000Author Commented:
Thank you!

So VM Guest can not have more than 4GB RAM, although Host has more than 4GB Ram?
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