Erratic mouse behavior

I have a customer with an unusual problem. All of a sudden, about two weeks ago; her mouse began to behave erratically while on certain web pages. It would flicker in and out of sight and when you dragged the mouse around the page it appears and disappears at a rapid rate. (Blinking Continuously) I updated Flash player and shockwave with no success. I upgraded IE 7 to IE8 and did all the updates. To no avail. If she closes or minimizes Internet explorer the mouse behaves normally. It also doesn't always happen, but frequently enough to annoy her. Any ideas?
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Springy555Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try updating the video card drivers.  Appears to be a rendering problem that the drivers would probably be responsible for.
mikeg1265Author Commented:
I had a hunch that was it. You're probably right. I'll try it.
techbankingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is it a wireless mouse?  Check the refresh rate and make sure there is no interference.  If it is a wired mouse, definitely update the drivers.
mikeg1265Author Commented:
That was it, nVidia was the issue. Thanks folks......
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