How can I monitor a wireless router outside my local network?

We have a wireless guest network outside of our company LAN that I would like to monitor.

At one point I setup our monitoring system to ping the wireless network by IP but the IP changed periodically which caused problems.

Is there a way to assign a public DNS name to my wireless router (Linksys WRT54GS) so that I can monitor it from outside the network and will be notified when it goes down?
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There are a number of services that provide dynamic DNS ( comes immediately to mind) but most require a client to be installed on a Windows or UNIX device behind the router. That client periodically pings the master DNS servers and reports the current IP address - I use DynaDNS and it works great.

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Sorry, it's, not dynaDNS... I always add that 'a'...
If you use dyndns shouldn't you be able to just ping the DNS name of the router?
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BigchinganAuthor Commented:
Can you tell me how I would go about setting up the client on a workstation behind the router?

I'm headed to the site now, I imagine it's pretty straight forward...thanks, hopefully this will work!
BigchinganAuthor Commented:
Just talked with my superiors and they don't want to have to dedicate a workstation to doing just that. Is there a router I can order which will support the dynamic DNS and update DynDNS on it's own?
BigchinganAuthor Commented:
I found directions on how to set this up on our router here:

Thanks for your help.
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