How do I get the messenger service to start automatically using Group Policy?

I'm trying to get the net send tool to work on all the domain desktops and I figured out that I need the messenger service running on the machines.  I am trying to use group policy to accomplish this.  I choose the option to start the service automatically, but it doesn't start after a reboot.  I have to go in and still start it up manually.  I think I have correctly created and configured the messenger service policy in the domain policy object b/c it changes the service from "disabled" to "automatic", but it doesn't actually start the service.
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Henrik JohanssonSystems engineerCommented:
Do you see anything in systemlog when the service doesn't start?
If you dont want to go for group policy
you can still do it using logon script
Add below command lines to logon script batch file.

@echo off
sc config Messenger start= auto
net start Messenger
On GPO go to:
Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\System Services

Double Click the Messenger Service
Check off Define this policy setting
Set it to Automatic
Click OK

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