Connecting local exe to web-based mySQL Server

I've currently got mySQL open to the internet on my VPS. My local exe can access it simply using the server's static IP address.

That's great... but further reading (e.g. tells me that unless I am extremely careful/lucky I could be in trouble especially if I scale up the number of users of the Exe file.

So, what do I need to put on the web server so that I can hide mySQL from the internet and only serve localhost queries through a web page or SOAP Service or ASP or what ?

Ideally I want something which I can send a query to and which will send me back a result set. Securely.
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CodedKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi WeeStinker,

You said :
"Ideally I want something which I can send a query to and which will send me back a result set. Securely."

If i understand you correctly you need something like AnyDac.
You can drop the component to the form write the query and then connect to the remote database. AnyDac can securely send and receive queries.

AnyDAC v 2.0 Core Features

-Native access to SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, InterBase, MySQL and more.
-Generic access to any database supported through Borland DBX and ODBC data sources.
-Unified API for access to cross-database features.
-First-class support for many database-specific features.
-Unique ADO.NET-like data engine for Win32.
-Optimized for best possible performance.
-Advanced Data Access Options.
-Full support for international applications, including full Unicode support in Delphi 2009 and later.
-Cross-platform support though Free Pascal (FPC).
-Perfect integration as back-end driver for RemObjects Data Abstract" for Delphi.
-Linux support.
-Full Unicode support.
-SQL script engine.
-Automatic connection recovery, connection sharing between application modules.

Hope this helps.
WeeStinkerAuthor Commented:
Looks perfect, thanks. I'll get the trial later today and put it through its paces.

I'm glad i could help :)
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