ISAKMP Policy question

I have a firewall that I need to have multiple site to site VPN's on.  Two of the VPN's have different ISAKMP policy's.    The policy number is an assignment of priority not of which one to use with each VPN.  Is it possible to have several VPN's with different ISAKMP policy's on the same firewall?  If so how does the firewall pick which one to use?  Does it just go down the list till it gets one that works?

I am using an ASA 5510 in this instance.
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that1guy15Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You are correct. The firewall will run down the list starting with the lowest order number and continue until it finds a match or reaches the end.
So yes you can have multiple policies on the same device.
ericluomaAuthor Commented:
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