Missing emails in IMAP account folder for Outlook 2007

Today when I came into the office, one of my email accounts had only 1 message in the Inbox.  I have several accounts, this is one of my IMAP email accounts.  All subfolders of this account work fine.  The 1 message is from 2 weeks ago, but there are emails in the Inbox from today.  When I login via the webmail provided by the email provider, I can see all of my messages (about 5-10).  I have restarted outlook several times, but nothing seems to help.  I checked the views, and that has had no effect.

What could be causing this?  Are there potential solutions aside from deleting the account and starting over?  I know being IMAP that would be fine, but I have signatures and such setup, so I would only do that as a last resort.  Even then, I do not know if it would resolve the problem.
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I'd remove the .pst file (local cache) or even simpler, recreate the profile to have a new cache built.
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