What are the dfifference between Project Explored, Package Exploer view,Navigator etc views


I would like to know "What are the dfifference between Project Explored, Package Exploer view, Outline View,Hierarchy View, Navigator View"
used in RAD, Eclipse etc IDEs.
When do we use each one and why?
Any ideas, suggestions, resources, links highly appreciated.
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Navigator shows you all the opened projects and with all their stuff such as packages, folders, java files, class files and any other file as they are exist in your hard disk.

Package explorer hides many other stuffs and shows you source folders from the package standpoint. In this view what you see for example as a class is not its file, it's a class! this is conceptually

Hierarchy shows the hierarchy of your opened class. consider your class C extends from B and that B extended from A, in this view you can see this chain as a tree-form A > B > C

Outline shows all the member of your class in a view so you can quickly find any member such as a method, a field etc. without it you have to scroll down/up your source file to find the method you want. This is useful when your class is really big

Project explorer is like package explorer but shows all the project stuff in a conceptually manner.

Personally, I use Navigator always and I'm not interested in Package/Project explorers
gudii9Author Commented:
thank you very much
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