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What are the dfifference between view and perspective


I would like to know "What are the dfifference between view and perspective"
used in RAD, Eclipse etc IDEs.
When do we use which and why?
Any ideas, suggestions, resources, links highly appreciated.
2 Solutions
"A perspective is a visual container for a set of views and editors (parts).  These parts exist wholly within the perspective and are not shared.  A perspective is also like a page within a book.  It exists within a window along with any number of other perspectives and, like a page within a book, only one perspective is visible at any time."

You can create as many as perspective you need and each perspective contains a bunch of views. perspectives are actually a customized decoration of your views.

consider you are developing a program and you don't need to run it until you accomplish it. so you can create a perspective say 'developing' and it contains package explorer, search result etc. now you finished your program and you want to run it and find if there are any error, so you can change your perspective to already defined perspective by yourself say running, in this last perspective you have decorated, console window and debug window etc.

This helps you quickly switch between different views according to your needs and requirments
gudii9Author Commented:
Thank you very much.

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