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How do I configure a second physical NIC on ESXi 4

I am new to ESX and especially esxi. I have two servers running esxi4...It has two physical adapters....one is used for the management console and is connected to our production network. I wanted to use the second NIC, in order for the hosts to talk to one another. This is what I have done....I configured a virtual switch on each server to use vmnic01. I have an 8 port netgear switch, where I have connected NIC from each server to....the switch is just going to be used to allow machines from one host to talk to machines from the other host. I wanted to configure the IP on the second adapter without making it the management NIC. From what I remembered ESX used the ifconfig cmd, but it is not a part of esxi...Any help would be gratley appreciated....
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Andrej PirmanCommented:
Nice, but you missed the basic concept - your virtual (or physical) switch does NOT have IP. So you cannot configure IP for a switch.

You must not think of switch ports as IP addresses, but as simple physical ports. IP is designated to a MACHINE, which is connected to a switch port, not to a switch port itself :)

So, you configured it correctly, just don't try to add IP to that NIC, which is used for internal virtual switch. Just connect those NICs via your netgear physical switch and your machines should ping each other. You WON'T ping NIC adapter, but virtual machine.
You have 2 ESX host with 2 physical NICs on them. One Physical NIC (may be vmnic0) will be used by service console. Another one (may be vmnic1) you have created a vSwitch so that it can be used by Virtual Machines hosted on ESX. If this is what your setup is then you do not want to assign any IP to the vSwitch.

Just create a VM and assign the Virtual NIC from this vSwitch. Assign IP to virtual machine from inside the VM OS. Similarly if you create another VM on the other ESX host, assign IP in similar range and the VMs should be able to ping each other (provided the firewall is disabled inside each VM).

However, if you want to access the "Hidden Service Console of ESXi 4.0", then the following post may help

Some more article you may be interested to read.


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