Unable to print the reports on a single page

Hi experts,

I have DashBoard (Consolidated Report of 13 reports including 8 Bar Charts , 2 Pie Charts and 3 Tablix Controls)..  All the mentioned above, are displayed on a single page, thats working as per the requirement .
                                  But I am unable to print it on a single page .  I have adjusted the page , report and border sizes of the report to 8.5*11 inch and made the margin sizes to 0. but no use.
                                I don't want to disturb the layout of the report  page. Just i want all the reports to be bundled together and print on one page. If that is not possible, can i print each report on a seperate page without disturbing the layout of the reports.

Please provide me the solution for this , I will appreciate your help.



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zadeveloperConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what you could try and do (and I dont know if this will work - speaking very theoretically here) - try make your report paper size = 30.63875cm + left margin + right margin.
I am not sure if the "print" function will automatically resize all the images to fit a "single page" - just what ever you do make sure the report paper size is >= the body width and height.
please let me know I would be interested to know if it works :)
First thing to try is to export the report to a pdf and see what happens.

The next question is how do you know it is a single page.

the display and the actual print out are not the same.

look at the PDF and that will give you your best result
Hi Sreekanth
First thing you need to make sure of : is that your Page setup is correct. What size page are you printing to ? and do you want/ have any margine ?
Lets say you are printing on A4.
In REPORT properties you need to set you Paper Size to:
Then add a 21cm and Height to 29.7cm.
I am also going to assume that your margins are all 1cm (top, bottom, left, right)
This means that your Report PAGE properties can be no more than Width: 19cm (Report Paper Width - Left Margin - Right Margin) and Height 27.7  (Report Paper Height- Top Margin - Bottom Margin) . - for more space make margines 0 and apply formul.
OK So far.....
Now add a Rectangle Object to your report and place ALL your controls insed it. Set the rectangle location to 0,0 and set the size to 19cm,27.7cm. Now your rectangle fills the whole page, and all your controls are inside it.
Right click on the rectangle object - or use the F4 properties - enable the option "Keep contents together on a single page, if possible" / on the f4 properties its sinple called "keep together"
Now when you print - everything should go on one page (obviously this only occurs if the contents can physically fit on 1 page :))
What ever you do - ensure that: Body size + margin(s) <= your paper size. Sometimes your controls may "grow" and exceed this - if this is the case set the "can grow" to false on your objects.
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n_srikanth4Author Commented:
Hi zadeveloper,

    Thanks for replying in the first place. I completely understand what you have suggested me in the prior comments. I have set the paper and report page size to 19cm , 27.7cm . But unable to set the rectangle width to 19cm as all the charts(Reports)will occupy width of 30.63875cm. I caanot alter the charts as it would reduce the font size of the axis and the user cannot see the graphs clearly in the first place and there is a chance that the text and the value axis will overlap.
                       So, alternatively , if it is not possible to put all thegraphs in a sigle page. Can i ensure that only one graph is printed on a single page for the printing purposes only   and should not alter these graphs in any way. They will be  continued to come in a single page only when i view them on a web page, which is happening at the moment.


n_srikanth4Author Commented:
                 You are well done , awesome , fantastic and wonderful. It's working.  There is another hurdle i have to cross and reach the milestone. I am using a subreport  , where I am using this report as a subreport  in another report.. Can you please walk me through the steps what i have to do handle the subreport as well.



n_srikanth4Author Commented:
Excellent and awesome.
Hi n_srikanth4

I don't fully understand your question. Could you please clarify it for me.
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