Print que not clearing after printing to it

Citrix Presentation server 4.5. Use Print Server. Panasonic 2330DP printer.  Driver   used is Panasonic DP 2330 PCL 6.  When I print to it, it prints, but the que doesn't clear, so no one can print after until you manually clear the que.  Any ideas?
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bauerbuiltConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It was that the gateway number was not changed to the new location. Once that was changed it worked great. Thanks.
I've no real experience with Citrix, but I'm guessing the print server is pretty standard - Have you tried manually deleting and recreating the queue for this printer?

Tried deleting and recreating the port being used? Or using a different type of port? (i.e. if you're using anything other than a standard TCP/IP port, try using that instead)

Tried an older driver perhaps? (PCL5?)

If you've already tried all of the above, let me know...

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