iMac G5 no wireless

Here is the machine I am working on.

Machine Name            iMAC G5
Machine Model           PowerMac 8.1
L2 Cache                512 KB
Memory                  256MB
BUS Speed               533 MHz
Boot ROM Version        5.2.2f4

The user indicated that when they bought it, they did not add the wireless option. My question is how can I get this thing on a wireless network. Sorry, I just don't have much experience with wireless on a Mac.

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Here's a Hawking USB Network adapter that is Mac compatible from Best Buy.  You could also find this adapter elsewhere for a better price.  They are harder to find than PC Adapters, but this one appears to be somewhat mainstream.
If they didn't get a wireless option, did they mean they didn't get an embedded wireless card?  If so, you need to purchase a mac compatible USB wireless card in order to access the network.
wcoilAuthor Commented:
From my understanding, they did not get the built in one. What do you recommend for a mac compatible USB wireless card?
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Here is one possiblity:
This is probably a better solution:

Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge with Dual-Band,713281633-sortby,retailer/pricing.html

The advantage to the LinkSys bridge is that it connects to your ethernet port, not your USB port and as a result does not need drivers. You therefore don't have to worry about any updates in system software torpedoing your wireless USB card drivers.

Also, the Linksys is wireless N if that makes a difference to you.
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