DFS, FRS, Not selecting the closest server

We have DFS setup with windows server 2003.

I have two domain controllers, well call them A and B

Its setup as hub & spoke with A being the hub (home office) and B the spoke (remote office)

All the machines in the home office, are being redirected by DFS to connect to B.

When i disable referrals to B, everything speeds back up.

How can i ensure computers in A are using the referral to the share on server A, and computers in the remote office are being referred to B.

Why would the referral get mixed up like that?
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Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
In Site and Services, build two new Subnets (1 for your home office, A, and 1 for your remote office, B).  Then create two new Sites and link each to the correct subnet.  Finally, move the DCs from the default first site to the newly created sites for your A home office and B remote office.  Make sure they have a replication link to each other.

Good overview of Sites and Services here:


Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Guessing here ... but you don't mention whether you have put the two DC's in different sites with their correct IP ranges specified?  If not they will both be in (Default first site).

HADDADD3Author Commented:
They are both in "default first site" how do i change this?
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
That is about what I was getting at.  Sorry I was unable to respond earlier but you have your details now I think.

Any AD with multiple locations separated by low speed lines of any kind needs segmenting into areas.  A classic mistake is that sites and subnets are setup then additional subnets are added at one office or another which aren't assigned to any sites... AD then effectiely has to "guess" which is the closest site.

If unsure on anything let us know the internal ip addresses of the DC's and the subnets on each site.

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