Cannot Restore Server 2008R2 from WindowsImageBackup

Hi All

I have a new reference PC that runs Server 2008 R2 Enterpise, which has been running without any issues since its build at the release of the new OS. It's basically a diagnostics machine and is used to assist other ailing PCs, and runs Hyper-V with several of my specialist machines loaded.

Yesterday I installed some third partry software, rebooted the PC and was faced with a window/applet titled System Image Recovery on restart.  This is a Windows action applet requesting Keyboard input language and username & pword and then takes you to:
System Recovery
"Choose a Recovery Tool"
operating system: Windows Server 2008R2 on G: etc
You can then choose System Image Recovery, Windows Memory Diagnostic or Open a Command Prompt. This is the same dialogue box you see if you choose "repair your pc" after running the installation disk.

I guess I am seeing this as my new OS is damaged in some way and won't boot?  So I have a valid backup sitting on a dedicated HDD in the system, but when I select System Image Recovery, it cannot detect any System Images.  If I then select Advanced and then Install Driver - I can navigate directly to the D:\WindowsImageBackup\ folder and see my backup!  So the disks are all on line and I can see all the original OS and data files on the volumes.

The backup was created with Windows backup using the single backup option, not the schedule method.  So although the disk is entirely dedicated to backups it is still visible as a drive and not hidden by the Windows backup system.

Any ideas how to get the system back from the current OS files that are all now in the G:\ drive and not the original C:\ drive or how to get the system to read my backup?  I have tried everything to get around this to no avail.  I even xcopyed the WindowsImageBackup folder to a usb external hdd, but that made no difference, even though I can navigate to that as well.  I'm stumped and really want to avoid a re-install.

Thanks, C

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CreodusConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Due to lack of response, I posted on technet forum - see answer here: 

Thanks, C
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