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Ajax passing values to the server.

Quick and easy Ajax question:
Given:            A value is passed from js t to a servlet
Question:       does the value have to be used?

Found in one of my other posts Kuldeepchaturvedi: had a thought and thought to post it as a new question.  I agree that the passed value/parameter needs to be added to the select statement if it is tyo be considered but I disagree if all I want is to run a selectstatement.  Thank you in advance for your thoughts!!  Found below is the code in question the link canbe found above.

// in the query part you may have to add a where clause using the keys that you have recieved from client
resp = resp + "<Business>";
ResultSet rs=stmt.executeQuery(lsQuery);
1 Solution
Say e.g.
There are two companies: A and B

A has business: A1 and Busniess A2
B has Business: B1 and Business B2

See the pictorial representation attached

Now according to the pictorial representation, user who selects company A should ideally see
Business belonging to company A only and likewise with comapny B.
Futher when a Business is chosen, the user would want to see the Sub Business under that particular Business.

And hence the thought of passing the company name/ business name in the where clause.
So when user selects Company A - pass it in the query and get all the business Names belonging to Company A
when a business is chosen - pass the business name in the query to get all the sub business names


>>does the value have to be used? - NO not necessarily, If you agree with the above logic you will use it. Else all business Names and Sub Business Names will be populated.

>> but I disagree if all I want is to run a selectstatement.  
You are right this should not affect the functionality in any way. I am sure Kuldeep had the above logic in mind while suggesting the idea

I hope you got the scenario.

gazdzidAuthor Commented:
Great explaination and I agree with you ad I sure Kuldeep does as well.

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