How to charge money through sms and return a code created by me?

Hello experts,

anybody knows How to charge money through sms and return a sms with a code created by me?

I am making a java me aplication (MIDP 2.0) that need a code for to be used, and I need to know one sms service that allow me to do this. I saw some sms charge systems but all that I saw used a web verification and they don´t let me control the code used for the verification.

I need a sms charge system, that it allow me to send codes made by me, anybody knows about one of this services?
I need a service with coverage in Mexico

Or if anybody knows one better form to do this, please tell me

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AnilKumarSharmaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You would have to negotiate with the some wireless providers. There are third-parties that can be used they have their services billed on the subscriber's wireless invoice and the wireless provider in turn pays the service a percentage of the monthly charge. Keep in mind that unless you could get the wireless providers to partner with you, you would have no way to bill for your services, because you need the SMS capabilities of the wireless provider in order to carry your services to the subscribers. Keep in mind that you would not be providing SMS service, you would be providing a service that was received by a wireless user via SMS messaging through a wireless provider.

Do you mean credit card charge? I am unable to follow what you are saying.
Can you please elaborate?
DermofitAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answer, I see some SMS service and I contac with they, and they tell me that I can do this using his service, but using a special custom service.

thanks for your help.
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