Blue Screen: Page Fault in Nonpaged area

I have an employee with a Dell Precision M90 that has a blue screen error  - Page Fault in NonPaged area.  I am currently running chkdsk /r but thought I would get some added feedback.

Along with the blue screen, I have what I can only describe as lines that look something like barcodes in columns going down the screen (individual lines running horizontally) all the way down the screen... 3/4 " long or so.

I am guessing RAM could contribute to this - I am doubtful that I will have any HD issues show up.

Any other suggestions?
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mr_EConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I got a DELL Laptop with 'lines' on the screen caused because the owner drops the laptop. After hours invested checkin the warranty, support, etc. the owner confess the drop. :@

As listed above:

* Some DELL laptops suffers heat issues (very common, I have my own DELL inspiron stored in the desk). Maybe you need to buy an usb fan-mat for the laptop, I got one laptop with the fan damaged, after 8 - 10 mins working in summer the laptop display this kind of error and stop until is cold again.

* Bad RAM or Hard Disk

Things to check:

* Check if the 'lines' in the screen are showing running in safe mode. I got a user with a damaged wallpaper, she believes that windows was damaged (the wallpaper was)

* Try to scan the hard disk for errors.

* Get and burn a CD with the Windows Memory Diagnostic:

* Try to disable the page file, just to check if the file in the disk is damaged (can be a mix of bad RAM and when windows wants to save o read from the pagefile the error can ocurrs) Rigth clic on your
Computer - System properties - Advanced - Performance/Settings - Advanced - Virtual Memory/change
 :::  take note what drives have a page file+size
- select no paging on each drive.

If the error stops check the hard disk for error.
After found or fix the error set the page file again.

* Check if some drivers were updated, try to rollback the driver updated.

** Check if the laptop is on warranty, some models can be replaced because overheating issue.

Good hunting.

Generally BSODs are either a ram issue or driver issue.  Just run a ram check and if you find errors, bingo.  If drivers, simply update you drivers or roll back to a stable driver version.

Check out the c:\windows\minidumps folder. Are there any dumpfiles (*.dmp) in it?
Select the most recent 3-4 of them, and attach them here as a file attachment, please.
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The lines make me think it could also be a heat issue - try taking a can of compressed air to the vents and fans, if this changes the symptoms at all I'd recommend dissembling and cleaning it out (or paying someone to do it for you).  Memtest is good as well to check memory - one last suggestion for decoding the Bluescreen error messages is following the instructions here: -- This covers how to look inside the memory dump created during a bluescreen, and gives a few pointers for diagnosing from that.
I agree with the first post....this sounds like a RAM or driver issue.  However if your RAM is good my suggestion would be to delete the existing Page File on the hard drive and create a new one.   I seen a bad page file cause this type of error too.
senadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Either RAM but most probably your graphic drivers
which I suggest you uninstall and update.
BBolt73Author Commented:
I think this is a two headed problem.

Interestingly, I don't get the blue screen anymore - I get a black screen - no text, nothing.  I am becoming convinced the lines on the screen and now the black when I boot windows normally (I can boot safe mode - line are there, but I can function) are a problem with the video card.

I have attached the minidumps to see help diagnose the blue screen issue... maybe that is a result of video card error as well.

BBolt73Author Commented:
RAM and HD came back fine.  Dell diagnostics did give me a few errors 5300:031E / 041E /051E / 061F... all video card related.  Would these cause a blue screen?
torimarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The dumps point to the NVidia drivers which, as it seems, you have not updated since 2006.
BBolt73Author Commented:
I am downloading an updated driver now.  Would a bad video card cause the driver to cause the blue screen?
Yes of course....
John GriffithConsultantCommented:
I don't believe the problem to be the video card itself as the bugcheck on the one dump was 0xea = the NVIDIA driver is caught in a loop.  The other bugcheck = 0x50 = invalid memory referenced.  An older driver like the 2006 NVIDIA is clashing with updated Windows drivers or other 3rd party drivers related to apps that utilize video in some manner.
BBolt73Author Commented:
Ended up that the video card did fail causing the other failures... It was still under warranty and Dell has replaced... Drivers are now up to date!
Thanks everyone for your help.  It was great being way ahead of the Dell guys... save lots of "on hold" time.
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