Adobe Updater CS3 Waiting for App Shutdown Title

Trying to install updates to Adobe CS3 Suite of programs. When the updater gets to each update, it asks me which pieces it wants to update and then I hit OK. Then, it tells me its waiting for the App Shutdown title before it can go forward.

I've made sure all programs are closed and that nothing else is running (as much as I could find). I can't get it to move past this point. I'm logged in as admin.

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Sigurdur ArmannssonDesigner Commented:
On a mac, similar to the PC's Task Manager is Activity Monitor. /Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor. There you can see every item that is running and Quit or Force Quit any you need.

On the other hand you could try to restart your mac holding down the Shift key to start up in save mode. It means that no extensions or start up programs will start but you'll be able to run the updater. Maybe that will help.

Secondly, if that fails, you could make a new User in System Preferences and boot it up and run the updater from there.

Adobe's Update program is also inside the Utilities folder so you don't have to wait for it to appear.
In Task Manager make sure there are no adobe products running in the Application or Processe tabs.
telstar_Author Commented:
Sorry, I thought it was clear that this is on a Mac.
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