Can't see my emails in a Lotus Notes folder

I have Lotus Notes 7.0.3 at work and I have a folder where I have about 100 emails but now I cannot see any of them. If the administrator looks at my database through the Notes server, all the emails are there, so it must be something with my client. I already checked the button, View Unread Emails, it's not that. What can it be? Thanks!
Bob MacphersonAsked:
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brwwigginsConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
You need to have your administrator run maintenance on your database. Just the usual fixup, updall and compact should work (they should know what to do).

Also, it probably wouldn't hurt to delete cache.ndk from your PC. If you don't have that many bookmarks (shortcuts) to recreate then deleting bookmark.nsf and desktop6.ndk files probably wouldn't hurt either
Pls verify if you are looking at a local replica/archive copy or not.
Also, try refresh/replace design of the database and compact it.
Apart from that, can you view those documents in the All documents view?
Bob MacphersonAuthor Commented:
it is not a local replica, refresh/replace design did not help, I can see the messages in all documents... now what? Thanks!
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
I remember an old bug where the documents would disappear based on how the columns were sorted. Try sorting by a different column (or remove existing sorting) and see if they reappear.
Bob MacphersonAuthor Commented:
Yes, when I change the sort to Who they all reappear, but when I change it back to Date they dissapear again.
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