Cannot log on to remote server


My user who try to access to the d$ drive on a remote server, he can map a drive to \\ServerA\d$ in the past under his domain user account.

ServerA is a remote server on DMZ network, it is not joined to local domain.  He said that after I installed Kaspersky, the link of his access to this remote server is broken but I don't think it is caused by Kaspersky because when I logon with my own "administrator" username and password, I can access to \\ServerA\d$.

I suspect, it is caused by some cache between his account and the Remote server ServerA but I do not know how to find it out.  Can someone tell me?

When my user access to \\ServerA\d$, he always recevied the Windows authentication window prompt for user name and password, we entered the administrator name and password of that server but no help, the system always prompt us for the user name.

The ServerA is running Windows Server 2003 as a ftp server.
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could you check the health of the server (eventlogs, services that are supposed to be running, Antivirus,..etc) or simply could you restart the server and retry?
Where did you install Kaspersky? on the server or on the client's PC?
Did you try to access this share using your account from the client's PC?
KANEWONGAuthor Commented:
the kaspersky was installed on client;s PC.

I tried to use "administrator" account on client's PC, it works OK.
KANEWONGAuthor Commented:
I will try again today, if it is still not working, I will restart the server.
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