creating a new app in powerbuilder 11.5

How can I create a new app in PB 11.5 from scratch.  There is a functionality (window) in the current existing app which allows the users to unlock some tables so the user who was responsible for locking those tables can log back in but the problem is the user who was responsible for locking those tables in the first place cannot pass through the main app login screen and use this functionality to log out himself someone else has to log in and clear the records. I want to create this functionality as a new app. How can I use this. I am attaching some screen shots which might help. What are the steps to create a new app and how can make use of the current pbls and target. Its Urgent.
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Open the PB
1. goto file click on new and select workspace and create workshape on your selected folder
2. goto file click on new and select target and click on Application
   a. type your application name and library path and Taget path will selecte atomatically
  writh the code in app object which is mention below..

SQLCA.AutoCommit = False
SQLCA.DBParm = "ConnectString='DSN=<your_datbasebname>;UID= <user_name>;PWD=<your_database_password>'"
Connect Using SQLCA;
If SQLCA.SqlCode <> 0 Then
      MessageBox("Error", "Not Connected to Database~r~n" + SQLCA.SQLErrText)
End If
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