Exchange 2007 booking a conference room

Is there a way for Exchange/Outlook to not allow a meeting request to go out if the conference room added is booked?

Currently if a user books a Conference Room and Attendee's, the Attendees can accept, and the Conference room can decline, forcing the user to cancel that request and start over.  I'd prefer if the room failed to book it wouldn't allow the request to go out at all.
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apache09Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Theres really only a few simple ways around this.

1) Train the user to Book the Conference Room First.

Once accepted. Then go back into the Appointment, and then add the Attendees.
Update the meeting. Send Responses Only to Added or Removed Users.

2) Add all staff (Or Selected Staff Members) as delegates of this conference room.
Set their permissions to Reviewer Only

This will allow the staff member to check the conference room first, before making an appointment, to see if its already booked for that time or not.
LrdKanienAuthor Commented:
I found this post here:
but I don't know how to connect to the resource using outlook, do you?

 Murat Gunyar said:
Hi Matt,

the popup message must be "<resource name> is already booked for the specified time. You must use another time or find another resource.".

After few research i found this post: . And I've test the following configuration: "connect to Exchange as the resource mailbox, go to Tools, Options, Calendar Options, Resource Scheduling and check the first two options ("Automatically accept meeting requests and process cancellations" and "Automatically decline conflicting meeting requests")." and yes I've the popup.

With this configuration the organizer will receive immediate popup response instead of a message.

LrdKanienAuthor Commented:
Nevermind, figured it out.
LrdKanienAuthor Commented:
I was able to do what the link in my response said.
i was not able to get this work
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