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Dreamweaver - Easily select multiple "sibling" elements in design view.

I'm using Dreamweaver design view (not code view) to view the HTML show below.  

<p>Yada1 yada1 yada1.</p>
<p>Yada2 yada2 yada2.</p>

If I place the cursor in the middle of "Yada1 yada1 yada1." and click Ctrl + [, I will have selected the entire paragraph element.  How do I quickly and easily select both paragraph elements in design view?  (Or, more generally, how do I select multiple "sibling" elements from design view?)
2 Solutions
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
You can't.  There is no command sequence to select tags in the manner you describe.

What you can do is select the container that the tags are in and then flip to code view.  The container will not be selected, but everything inside it will be.
No u can't.
Just place the cursor on the place whose corresponding tag u want to select above Properties window, u'll see the list of the tag hierarchy and click on that u'll be able to select the complete element in the corresponding TD or P element.
jdanaAuthor Commented:

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