No internet conection after reinstall

Just formatted and re-installed Xp pro with a service pack 2 slipstream disk. I installed all the drivers from (Used service tag) by using another machine and external hard drive. It's a Dell Latitude D620. I still cannot access the internet. I get the limited or no connectivity sign. I get no question marks in device manager.TCP/IP and DNS server is set to obtain auto. Connection works fine when I plug it into my desktop. Any thoughts?
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
run in a command prompt window (start run cmd:
 ipconfig /all
and post the text here.
Double check the properties of the network connection.
Mind explaining a little ...
Is that a laptop ? (I dont like checking models so please do tell me) ...
Do you plug in (your cable) into a router,switch or a ADSL modem ?
Please run ipconfig /all and post the result here. I guess it is a dhcp issue
Ozz331Author Commented:
Thanks for the help.

I uninstalled the driver and re-installed still without any luck while I was waiting for responses. Then I had unplugged the cable from the laptop, plugged back in (which I tried several times already to make sure it was seated properly), restarted and it was working. I assume it was either the driver being re-installed or the cable itself. Been working fine since last night.
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