Ampersand Issue in firefox 3.5


Here's my issue -

In IE 8, a URL shows up as -


But in firefox it shows up in the URL as -


The difference is in IE8 we see "&" in the URL and in FF 3.5 they are seen as "&".

I am using a module in Joomla CMS named RokStories and the line in the PHP file I have narrowed down to is -

RokStoriesLinks['rokstories-<?php echo $module->id; ?>'].push('<?php echo $item->link; ?>');

I think its that link that something goes wron with in firefox.

appreciate any help.


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Beverley PortlockCommented:
It depends where this link is showing up. If it shows in the address bar at the top of FireFox as


then that is a little screwy. However, this is the correct format for a link embedded in an HTML page because the &amp; stops the link being mistaken for an HTML entity. When the link is clicked the browser knows to recode the &amp; as & and this happens before it is loaded into the address bar and displayed at the top.

Can you post a link to the page that concerns you? Better still, run it through the W3C page validator at
USBDevAuthor Commented:
The site is a bit confidential at the moment. Can I PM you? How do I?
Beverley PortlockCommented:
Send an email to brian.portlock at google mail dot  c o m

I rarely use it for emails but I will make a point of logging to check it over the next day or two.
Beverley PortlockCommented:
USBDev - thanks for the email. Having had a look at the page I don't see any obvious problems with the links, the only feature I do not like is the fact that ":" are appearing in the URL parameters and these are usually encoded as %3A but I don't know if that will be a problem.

On the other hand, there are lots of problems with the HTML and CSS and these will cause major problems. The CSS is quite simple so I have posted the errors below with the domain changed to "mydomain"

24   #sbox-window   Property -moz-border-radius doesn't exist : 3px

262  div.itemCommentsForm form input.button  Value Error : font-size Unknown dimension 16x

566       Value Error : color #fff0000 is not a valid color 3 or 6 hexadecimals numbers #FFF0000

Your HTML also has a lot of problems and you need to resolve these. They are far more likely to be causing you problems than the format of links. For instance you have code like this

<td width="30">
<td align="right">

Now that second <td> is obviously meant to be a </td> but the browser doesn't know that.

Other items include a <div></div> in the middle of an unordered list where there should be an <li> tag.

Your DOCTYPE is XHTML 1.0 Transitional but then you have attributes like onMouseOut which are invalid under XHTML because all attribute names are lowercase in XHTML.

There is a script tag pair that looks like this <script ....stuff... /></script>

You really need to run the site through the W3C validator ( ), tick the "Show source" option and correct all the coding errors. The W3C validator is fussy but it reports 94 errors and some of them are definitely going to cause you problems.

Fix the HTML errors and CSS errors and then you will be in a position to evaluate the link problem.


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USBDevAuthor Commented:
Not the exact solution, but gave me guidance to get to my soluton.
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