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jquery ajax form and file upload.

I've been using jquery.ajax to post form data out of a dialog and its been working great except now I'm trying to add a file field to the form and I'm not sure how to send multipart/form-data.

the code I was using to upload the form is below.  userfile is the filefield.

// JavaScript Document
var title; 
 var content;
 var windowID; 
  var contentType;
 var formType; 
 var userfile;

function contentFormAjaxStuff(){
title = jQuery("#title").attr("value");
content = jQuery("#content").attr("value");
windowID = jQuery("#windowID").attr("value");
formType = jQuery("#formType").attr("value");
contentType = jQuery("#contentType").attr("value");
 userfile = jQuery("#userfile").attr("value");

  type: "POST",
  url: "backendContent.php",
  cache: false,

  dataType: "html",
  data: "title=" + title + "&content=" + content + "&windowID=" + windowID + "&contentType=" + contentType + "&formType=" + formType + "&userfile=" + userfile,
  success: function(response){
   // if sucessful; response will contain some stuff echo-ed from .php
   alert("Here is your response: " + response);
   // Append this response to some <div> => let's append it to div with id "serverMsg"

  error: function(){
   alert("Error occured during Ajax request...");
} // END OF FormAjaxStuff()

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1 Solution
Gurvinder Pal SinghCommented:
enctype is not supported by jquery ajax thus you cant upload files using it as you do...

check here


esp the upload jquery plugin... they do it well

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