Exchange 2007 cannot receive external email

Iam using exchange 2007 in windows 2003 x64.
For one week my server can't receive email that sent from external (ex: yahoo, gmail,etc)
No problem when sending or receiving email in LAN.
No problem when sending email to external.
I had activate log in receiver connector, but no log file created.
Anonymous option in receiver connector already checked like before.

When i try sending email from external to internal account, there's delivery report from my exchange postmaster (so there's no problem with firewall and mx)
Reporting-MTA: dns;
Received-From-MTA: dns;
Arrival-Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 13:21:24 +0700

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: failed
Status: 5.0.0
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Glen KnightCommented:
There should be no SMTP service with Exchange 2007.

Have you installed the SMTP service as part of IIS?
If so please uninstall it.
Do you recieve NDR? can you post it?
Do you see any other errors? Are all your services running on your Exchange server? Are there any errors in your event logs?
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wt spam filter r security software you are using?
Use and check inbound mailflow.

It will show you if ther eis any issues with MX.

Result will display if the mail has been devered till your MX or spam filter

If you are using Spam filter from ISP you check if it is confu\igured correctly to forward the mails to your organization.

Can you telnet 25 of your MX record and Server's public IP from outside.

On receive connector make sure you have all ip address mentioned and listening on port 25

Glen KnightCommented:
Remove any antivirus/spam software you have installed on the server.  Disabling it will not help it must be removed.

Is this a new installation? Has it ever worked?

Can you send email out? If so why happens when you reply to it?

Have you configured an accepted domain under Organisation > hub Transport for your ?
shanyuenAuthor Commented:
I had restart the server. If you mean windows smtp service, i already restart that too.
I use exchange antispam that installed manually from script Install-AntiSpamAgents.PS1.
No error in Windows event log.
i dont think SMTP service should be there

When you do telnet localhost 25 do you get your banner
shanyuenAuthor Commented:
testexchangeconnectivity result is successful. Then there's no issue with mx.
I can telnet successfully my public ip. Showing ESMTP bla..bla...
Receive connector have all ip mentioned.
This is not new installation. It already work about 1 year ago.

Glen KnightCommented:
Exchange 2007 does not use the Windows SMTP service, can you set this service to disabled in service manager and then restart the Exchange Services.
shanyuenAuthor Commented:
I had disable smtpsvc, now how to restart the exchange service without restarting windows ?
Glen KnightCommented:
Just stop all the services that start with Microsoft Exchange and then start them again.
shanyuenAuthor Commented:
Thanks demazter.
My dumb friend installing smtp service without my permission.
After uninstall smtp service and restart IIS service, all problems solve.
Glen KnightCommented:
You mind if I ask why it was only a B grade when I gave you the exact cause of the problem?
shanyuenAuthor Commented:
Actually when i said "already restart the smtp service" what i mean is stop it.
Then you ask me to restart it, actually that's the solution.
I don't think that disabling smtp service need to restart exchange too.
So i gave all points to you.
But if you wish getting A grade with that simple solution, it's ok.
Let me know how to change the grade.
Glen KnightCommented:
It makes no difference how simple the solution is, if the answer is correct it should be an A grade.
Leave it as it is for now but please note for future reference.
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