Allow other user than SA to change passwords and access to companies

Is there a way to allow another user than SA in GP to change users passwords or give access to different companies. Users forget the password or lock themselves out and we would like the IT helpdesk to deal with the password issues but we do not want to give the SA password to helpdesk staff due to security reasons.
Any suggestions?
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Steve EndowConnect With a Mentor Microsoft MVP - Dynamics GPCommented:

That's a good question.  I just tried several different tests, and from what I can tell, there is only one way to allow someone other than 'sa' change the login.  I think it may work, but there may be a caveat that I'm missing.

Create a new GP login, and then only give that login access to the GP User Setup window.  (In GP 10, this should be easier than GP 9)

Then go into SQL Server Management Studio and add that login to the sysadmin server role.  GP checks to see if a login is a member of the sysadmin role to determine whether to enable the Save button on the User Setup window.

The user would then be able to login to GP, would only have access to the User Setup window, and would be able to change the GP passwords.

Because the login was created in GP, the user would not be able to use that login with SQL Server Management Studio, which I believe would prevent them from accessing anything on the SQL Server directly.

I think this would work, but as I said, there could be a few details I'm missing at the moment.

Let me know if that makes sense, and if you have any questions.


Steve Endow
Dynamics GP Certified Trainer
Dynamics GP Certified Professional

JanFverhoeveAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Tried it and it worked as expected and solves my problem.
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