Terminal server refusing connections, reboot works temporarily

Hi there.

Later this morning I'm going to a client site to troubleshoot a TS issue. Basicaly theres one Windows 2003 TS that about 20 users connect to to use one application. Its been working fine for months however the last 2 days they've had to manually reboot it in the morning as connections are being refused from the remote sites.

Before i get onsite what should I be looking out for?
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BGilhooleyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Disabling automatic updates has resolved it for them, just going to do monthy manual updates instead. Requesting close of question
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Have you licenced the Termianl Server ?
You get a grace period (120 days i think), during which you can use TS, after that it needs to be licenced.
BGilhooleyAuthor Commented:
Not yet licenced but they have been ordered from reseller and due anyday. However its still well within the grace period? Only up 60 odd days so I dont think its anything to do with that
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