NSPI worker thread error

hi experts,

I have exchange server 2007 sp1 in production.

i am receving an error on both the mailbox role server after every 15 minustes or so

NSPI Proxy worker thread (ID: 0x199c) received unexpected error code [0x2747] from select

after this error comes the cpu utilization for process (MAD.exe) is goes upto 100% and when
i restart the system attendent service its come down but again goes up after some time.
Thousands of error mentioned above are started to get logged and utilization goes high.

connectivity between mailbox and GC is good (all in local network)
i have 2 GC both with no error on it dcdiag and netdiag gives fine results.

Plzz help its urgent
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NET4INDIAConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
guys finally got a solution now by myself.

the problem was antivirus installed which was killing the nspi threads to GC from the mailbox server
and that was causing mad.exe causing the high cpu utilization.
Once is removed the antivirus all problem resolved.

Thanks anyways guys.
NET4INDIAAuthor Commented:
all ports are working fine 389 88 3269 3268 135 on GC.
when load is less on server they work fine. This error does not get logged
BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
looks like having a performance issue on the server, first make sure that you have the latest service packs installed second can you tell me your HW config.
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