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How can I watch TV and record the programs to my laptop?

How can I watch TV and record the programs to my laptop?

Then, I want to play these recorded programs from my laptop but watch them on the TV-screen.
Or, instead of watching TV on an ordinary TV via my laptop, could I purchase an external wide-screen that I connect to my laptop, together with some receiver for TV-channels (wherever I would be in the world for the moment)?

My laptop is HP Compaq nx7300 14" 250 GB HDD Windows XP SP3 Pro.
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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
Well the solution is a usb tv tuner.
With this u can surely watch and record tv programs.Also u can  connect ur laptop to a tv and u get the "big" picture.
This page will probaly answer ur needs http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2010380047+1685342849&QksAutoSuggestion=&ShowDeactivatedMark=False&Configurator=&Subcategory=47&description=&Ntk=&CFG=&SpeTabStoreType=&srchInDesc=.
You should buy a TV-tuner, you have them already in digital versions as well. Anyway, you can record tv programs and watch them later. If you have Windows 7, then Windows Media Center is very good and easy to use for this, it has digital tv guide...you just select the programs you would like to record and thats it. You are always able to watch the recorded programs on your TV afterwards (if you have your TV connected to your laptop).

I have a TV tuner too, BUT do not expect very good quality here. I think it is ok, but by far not the same quality you would see on TV, although I have to admit that I did not try digital tv tuners yet....im still on analog.

good luck
i am doing the same thing you want to do.  i just bought my hauppage 1850 tv tuner card for my desktop because of all the good reviews.  i have digital cable coming through on all tvs, but Clear Qam is not supported by my cable company, so they have me on analog only.  The quality isn't terrible, but when you get up close you can see the pixels/grains.  It's good for recording though, because HD video would take up so much space and that 250gb would be gone in a day of recording, so I am not that upset about it.  but don't expect to get your Clear Qam channels to come in very easily.  Good luck!

As far as connecting to a TV, you just need to get an Svideo adapter that plugs in there and has the yellow, white, and red cables, and then you just plug a rga cables yellow, red, white as you would for a vcr, gaming system into the tv and there you have it.  if your laptop has hdmi, thats just one simple cable from your laptop to tv, which is the easiest/best quality
You are on PST time zone, so I assume you are in USA. USA just changed to digital boardcast last year.

For recording TV on your laptop, purchase a TV tunner for your PC. hauppage have many models that are good, and I use a USB model so that it work w/ laptop.

Most TV on the market for USA are HD ready. If yours support VGA or DVI or HDMI input, and your laptop happen to have that kind of output, then you can just plug into your TV and use your TV as one of the monitor. I do that a lot. You mention your PC is Compaq nx7300, which only have VGA output. So your option may be limited.

If happen your TV do not have such input, there are also other devices that allow a PC to stream video to that device which output on a TV.

If you want specific, please let us know what kind of input your TV will take.
hermesalphaAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone, you let me know everything I need to know when it's time to buy the things.

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